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Jekyll Advance is our flagship Jekyll theme. It’s designed to be highly configurable with multiple content types, which means you can build more than a blog or a portfolio. This theme will let you build real business, marketing & landing-page type websites. With super clean code, using Jekyll best practices, content is editable via markdown or config files, not hardcoded in the HTML.

Theme features

Content Types

  • Homepage (Markdown)
  • Services (Markdown)
  • Projects (Markdown)
  • Team (Markdown)
  • Blog (Markdown)
  • Features (Data)
  • Partners (Data)
  • Basic Pages (Markdown)
  • Contact Page (Markdown)

Design & Code

  • Jekyll 4.2+
  • 100% responsive design
  • Clean code and Jekyll best practices
  • Content is editable and configurable via markdown or front-matter. No hardcoded content.
  • Configure logo, colors, fonts all from _config.yml
  • Highly configurable homepage, configure every section from the frontmatter
  • Highly configurable Hero image section on most pages, configure the text, color, background image, blending effects, alignment etc and more.


  • SCSS using Jekyll compiler
  • Includes all SCSS files which are well structured and cleanly written
  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap v5.2+
  • The entire Bootstrap library is not imported. Mainly we use the grid, media queries and utilities. If you wish to use more of the Bootstrap library you just need to uncomment the @imports in the style.scss


  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse speed score
  • The CSS and JS filesize is only 44KB, it’s tiny! ⚡


  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse SEO score
  • Meta tags auto generated for each page
  • The title can be overriden in the frontmatter of any page.
  • Generates OG meta data for Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Semantic document structure, particularly on single pages


  • Main Menu managed data/menu.yml
  • Nested dropdown menu in the header
  • Responsive menu (using simple vanilla JS code)
  • Animated hamburger menu and mobile overlay
  • 3 Footer menus which can be edited in data/menu.yml and 1 Bottom menu
  • Sidebar menus on collection pages which can be enabled/disabled _config.yml
  • Breadcrumbs on collection pages which can be enabled/disabled in _config.yml


  • Header animation on scroll
  • The header can be configured to be transparent on any page, creating a beautiful aestetic over hero images.
  • Comes with 4 logo configs for desktop, mobile and transparent modes. Your logo will be perfect 👌


  • Beautiful response blog
  • Categories
  • Authors (multiple authors allowed)
  • Pagination


  • Ships with darkmode support
  • Darkmode can be enabled/disabled
  • Automatic darkmode based on users OSX setting!
  • Uses a handcraft color palette for light and dark mode base colors. CSS variables defined in main.css.


  • Social media links can be configured in data/social.json - Fontawesome is used for the icons.
  • Auto generated and overridable OG Meta data for Facebook and Twitter cards

Contact Form & Contact Details

  • Contact page & contact form
  • Contact details including phone, email, map etc can be displayed in the footer and contact page.
  • Supports Netlify forms - comes with prebuilt Netlify form, will work automatically when hosting with Netlify
  • Supports Formspree forms - comes with prebuilt Formspree form just add your Formspree ID in the _config.yml


  • Includes Disqus comments


  • Google fonts
  • Fonts can be configured in _config.yml
  • Font Awesome 5. You can use Font awesome icons in many places including hero images, cards, buttons etc. The SCSS files are also included if you prefer to use the icons in SCSS.


  • Robust example content included out of the box
  • All photos, illustrations and icons included with this theme are royalty free


  • Ready to deploy to Netlify
  • includes netlify.toml file

Github Pages

  • Ready to deploy with Github Pages


  • prettier
  • stylelint
  • vscode settings
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A premium Jekyll business theme.

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Jekyll Advance - Premium Jekyll Theme

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