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Our most flexible theme yet. Create dynamic pages using a library of repeatable front-matter sections which can be placed in any order.

Theme features

Built from the ground up, Hugo Paradigm provides a completely new way of building pages using front-matter sections.

Section Builder

Below is a code excerpt (trimmed down) of the front-matter. Notice each of the - template sections. The sections are designed to be reusable sections and can be placed in any order. Each section comes with configuration dozens of options.

title: Home
date: 2020-03-22
headerTransparent: false
- template: hero
    theme: base
    heading: "Hugo Paradigm"
    subHeading: "A premium Hugo theme with a flexible layout system."
  alignHorizontal: left
    image: "/images/nastuh-abootalebi-yWwob8kwOCk-unsplash-800.jpg"
    borderRadius: true
    shadow: true
- template: grid
  contentType: partners
  sortBy: weight
  align: center
  columns: 2
    partial: card-image-only
- template: info
    theme: base-offset
  heading: "Repeat, reorder and insert sections anywhere"
  description: "Use info sections to place configurable image, text and button blocks.
    Alternate image alignment or hide the image altogether, it still looks great."
  align: right
  image: "images/freddy-do-hgbyl2H0zRU-unsplash-800.jpg"

Key Theme Features

  • Page builder like functionality using front-matter sections
  • Fully responsive design
  • Dark mode
  • Fully themeable, edit the themes.json to add new themes
  • 100 Speed / 100 SEO / 100 Best Practices / 100 Accessibility scores in Google Lighthouse
  • SEO Optimised
  • Configure dozens of settings in the config.toml and data/layout.yaml

Content Types

  • Custom Page (Markdown + Front-matter Sections)
  • Homepage (uses Custom Page)
  • Blog (Markdown)

Section Types

Insert these sections anywhere in a Custom Page

  • Hero (Front-matter section)
  • Info (Front-matter section)
  • Grid (Front-matter section)
  • CTA (Front-matter section)
  • Content (Front-matter section)


  • SCSS (Hugo Pipelines)
  • Includes all SCSS files which are well structured and cleanly written
  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap 4.3+ grid and media queries are used. The rest of the Bootstrap library is not imported. You can easily uncomment the @imports in the style.scss if you want to use more of the Bootstrap library.


  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse Performance score
  • Under 90KB without images ⚡
  • Minified JS under 29KB
  • Minified CSS under 27KB
  • No JQuery
  • No Boostrap JS


  • Configure SEO settings in seo.yaml
  • Google Analytics included
  • Set the Google Analytics ID using Netlify environment variables
  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse SEO score
  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse “Best Practices” score
  • Configure custom meta tags for the homepage and individual pages
  • Auto generates meta title for each page, but can be overridden on a per page basis
  • Semantic HTML document structure, h1, h2, p etc


  • Header animation on scroll
  • Transparent header over hero images and backgrounds, turns white on scroll


  • Main Menu managed in config.toml
  • Nested dropdown menu compatible with Hugo menus
  • Responsive menu using simple vanilla JS code
  • Animated hamburger and mobile overlay
  • 3 Footer menus which are configured in config.toml


  • Robust example content included out of the box


  • Full blog. Contains categories, tags and author profiles


  • Uses Google fonts, edit the font in the theme.yaml and the theme automatically imports the Font from Google fonts!


  • Theme is ready to deploy to Netlify and contains a netlify.toml

Forestry CMS

  • This theme ships with an extensive .forestry configuration which strictly defines its content schema. All front-matter fields are specified using the correct field types, default options etc. Uses Forestry blocks and front-matter templates to replicate page builder functionality correctly in Forestry
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Hugo Paradigm - Premium Hugo Theme

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